Channa barca
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Taxonomy [back to top]
Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family
Genus: Channa
Species: barca
Scientific Name: Channa barca
English Name: Barca Snakehead
Species Authority: (Hamilton, 1822)
Local Name: Pipla, Pipla Shol, Tila, Tila Shol, Pipla Ool,Tia Shol, Bakka, Tati
Synonyms: Ophiocephalus barca Hamilton, 1822 Ophicephalus nigricans Cuvier, 1831
Taxonomic Others: -
Taxonomic Notes: None
Group: Fishes

Assessment Information [back to top]
Category Critically Endangered (CR)
Criteria CR B1ab(i,ii,iii,iv) ver 3.1
Justification This species was recorded from the Dekhar Haor of Sunamganj District located in the north-eastern region of the country (Rahman 2005). The estimated EOO and AOO are175.67 km² and 166.23 km², respectively. Asides, this species is limited to a single location and there are several threats like pollution and low quality habitat. Moreover, the declination of EOO and AOO of this species can be inferred from increased agricultural pollution and habitat destruction. Data are not available on its population size and reduction. Though EOO and AOO of this species are greater than the thresholds of Critically Endangered category, the species is assessed as Critically Endangered based on its recent disappearance in the wild.
Date Assessed 25/06/2014
History The taxon was assessed Critically Endangered (CR) (IUCN Bangladesh 2000).

Geographic Range [back to top]
Global Range Bangladesh, Indian (Goal Para, Assam; Nagaland) and Nepal (Rahman 1989, Talwar and Jhingran 1991).
Bangladesh Large river, beels and haors of the greater Sylhet and Mymensingh Districts (Rahman 1989).
Extent of Occurrence 175.67 km²
Area of Occupancy 166.29 km²

Population [back to top]
Generation Time Unknown
Total Population Unknown
Trend Unknown
Others -
Habitat and Ecology [back to top]
Habit It is carnivorous, benthopelagic, potamodromous,breeding seasonal, travelling into mustard fields to eat the flowers (Rahman, 1989).
Habitat Usually in the holes in the banks of rivers, beels and haors.
Niche Benthopelagic.
Elevation -
Home Range -
Active Period During night
Host Plant
Others -

Threats [back to top]
Habit Habitat destruction due to siltation, river restriction, stone lifting, etc.
Trade -
Hunting -
Others Other 1 - Extensive extension of agricultural sectors. Other 2 - Improper and excess use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Conservation Information [back to top]
Wildlife Legislation Included in the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, 2012.
Cites Not included.
Others -
Recommendation Research [back to top]
Research Need immediate intensive survey on its existence in wild habitat.
Management -
Captive Stock -
Others -
Source/Reference [back to top]
Source Rahman, A.K.A. 2005. Fresh water fishes of Bangladesh. Zoological Society of Bangladesh, Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000. P. 394. Tawlar, P.K. and Jhingran, A.G. 1991. Inland fishes of India and adjacent countries. Vol. 2. Oxford and IBH publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, India.
Citation Ara. I. 2014. Channa barca. In IUCN Bangladesh 2014. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 3.1
Assessment History [back to top]
Assessor/s Ismot Ara
Associate Assessor/s
Reviewer/s Md. Sagir Ahmed
Facilitator/s M. Shahadat Ali
Entry Date 02/06/2014

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